The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a concept that has been explored for more than ten years. In general terms, it refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet. The main idea is that if the objects of daily life include radio labels, these are managed by the means of other equipment in the same way as if they were done manually by people. Today there are companies looking to make business processes more efficient through the IoT and one of them in Mexico, with Mexican talent.

This is Solutions 4 IoT, a company originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, which was present at the Consumer Electronic Show 2018 (CES) as part of the stand of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur (Inadem). According to Raúl González, the main objective of the company “is to democratize the Internet of Things in Latin America by developing hardware solutions for companies that want to innovate or for entrepreneurs who seek to build a business model based on the IoT.”

“The objective of Solutions 4 IoT is to democratize the Internet of Things in the region through solutions for companies and entrepreneurs. “

Currently the company has two products in the market. One of them is Athen Sense System, which is an ideal kit for IoT developers. “The advantage of the solution is that you can adapt any type of sensor, you can send that captured information to the cloud in real time with any communication protocol,” says González. For programming, Solutions 4 IoT provides all the code libraries for those interested in developing a business based on the Internet of Things.

Solutions 4 IoT was one of the 20 Mexican companies that showed their technology at # CES2018.


The other product is the Athen Sense Box, which is designed for customers and partners with no knowledge of programming issues. For example, says Gonzalez, if a user is interested in the field of agriculture and says “I’m interested in measuring soil temperature, humidity, wind direction,” those sensors “can be adapted to our solution and transmit information in real time so that the farmer can make better decisions. ”


“All this information is money, it is control, it is improving your processes, it is optimizing and we are giving these solutions for companies to innovate and entrepreneurs to create new business models“, adds Raúl González. Currently, Solutions 4 IoT has provided solutions in the avocado sector but also in issues for the development of smart cities, because “in the end the idea is to democratize the Internet of Things and so we are ready for it”.

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